Author Talk: Ancient History and the Parody

This talk takes students through the story creation process with a retelling of the tale of the 300 Spartans. Who were the Spartans? Why did Xerxes want Greece? How did only 300 soldiers hold off an army of 10, 000 for three days?

And how can you write that into a parody with modern-day characters?

Cost: $250 per 1 hour.


Workshop: Map Making Your Imagination

This workshop takes students through the story creation process by starting with a map setting and seeing what ideas emerge. This is how I began writing, back when I first started playing Dungeons and Dragons and running my own campaigns.

Your students will learn what it’s like to become an author through my personal story as a reluctant reader to author. Discuss characters and their relationship to the world in which they live. How best to start a story, and what they can do to keep that story going.

At the end of this workshop your students will have a project started that they can continue throughout the school year.

Cost: $250 per 1 hour.


Writing Your Story Dungeons and Dragons-style

Whether your students write contemporary tales or fantasy epics, the popular game of Dungeons and Dragons can make you a better writer. See how modern writers have been influenced through creating characters, maps, and collaborative storytelling to work through tough plot points!

At the end of this workshop, your students will have the tools to say goodbye to writer’s block forever and get their novel written and polished.

Cost: $250 per 1 hour.

To book a workshop contact me.