We’d been preparing for the William’s Lake Writer’s Conference since October. Needless to say that Kari Winters, Diane Haynes and myself were pretty darn excited. We knew that there were three other authors from the Lower mainland coming, but we had never met them.

Prior to our flight, I checked out the CMA website to see what kind of plane we’d be flying in. A propeller 20-seater, it seemed. How fun! I suggested to Diane that we dress up, look as though we were from the 1940s and really have fun with this. Diane was game!

So we dressed up in our vintage suits and headed out to the airport. There we met Kari, and we were introduced to Max Tel. Although we knew there were two others there in our group, we had no idea what they looked like or what there names were. (To be honest, I still don’t remember their names…) Diane and I approached the airline and asked if we could have our photo taken in front of the plane on the runway. We figured probably not, but it was worth a shot to ask. They said yes!

We sat around the airport chatting when we heard the preboard call. Kari and I stood up, and Diane told us to sit. “It’ll be ages before we’re called,” she said. a few minutes later, Kari heard one of the attendants say into her radio, “I don’t know. We’re still waiting on four passengers.” We counted our party … one, two, three, four … yep, we were holding up the plane!

So there we were, already holding up the plane, when the attendant asks, “Where’s your camera for the photo?” I quickly hand her my camera and we get our shot taken!

(I should point out that I cropped out Kari and Max, only to keep the vintage 1940s look of the photo. To see the full photo and many more, visit this link.)

The plane trip was short and uneventful. Kari, Diane, Max and myself were all so excited that we chatted the entire flight.

When we landed, we were met by Amar, the amazing coordinator of the event, and her husband who carted us off to the hotel.

Each of us had our own hotel rooms in the Sandman Inn. Since we were flown out on Sunday afternoon and the conference wasn’t until the next day, Diane Kari and myself all went for a walk. While all the shops were closed, we did find a beautiful park where we relaxed for a bit.

For now, these are all the photos I have and all I shall post on the conference until more photos arrive.

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