So UPS missed their delivery to me today because they were confused by the “security door.” Apparently, knocking on the door next to it (the one that says, “MANAGER,”) didn’t occur to them.

I phoned them expecting an argument. I had planned out some iron-clad arguments that there was no way they could foil. Anyone who knows me well knows that I’ve had some experience with couriers (for example, the FED EX nightmare where they labelled my Mom’s Christmas fudge as “dangerous ammunition” and refused to deliver it. The fudge bounced between warehouses in Winnipeg and Vancouver for 4 months before they admitted the error, AND they tried to charge me for their “service” 4 times!).

Yes, me and couriers does not equal a very good relationship. I have a grudge against them – I’ll admit it. (There was also the time I was expecting a computer delivery, and I watched the guy walk up to my buzzer, hit the button, and then start walking away. I yelled at him out my window and he continued to his truck and drove away. I immediately phoned the company, complained, and they actually tried to deny it. Pretty hard to prove “no one’s at home” when he’s phoning you 15 seconds after your “failed delivery” FROM HIS HOUSE.)

So I phoned UPS and was all ready to put up a fight. I even started off snarky with a, “He couldn’t have tried very hard to deliver it,” and was responded with … “You’re right. I’m really sorry that happened. How about we deliver it tomorrow?”


It’s amazing how a little customer service and one’s willingness to admit an error can change an ugly situation. UPS was … actually a pleasure to deal with. It’s as if my whole world no longer makes sense!

Of course, we’ll see what happens tomorrow.

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