The way we watch TV has certainly changed since Netflix began streaming and creating its own content. We now have many others just like it, also creating content, acting as TV show suppliers and TV studios.

There are a few shows that I wouldn’t mind seeing again*, but most will not only never make it to DVD but will fall far, far under the radar of Netflix-like broadcasters. Let me know what show you miss, too.

*Firefly is not on this list only because the entire season is on DVD and on Netflix. This isn’t a list of shows I’d like to see remade or continued –most of these shows were terrible– but it would be fun to see them again.

Hope Island (1999-2000)

Hope Island was my “comfort show.” Centers around Daniel, a troubled minister who is forced to live on Hope Island where he is the new minister of the local Protestant church. The characters were quirky, the town idyllic, and often the one who saved the day was the one you’d never expect.


Catwalk (1992-1994)

Catwalk starred Neve Campbell, who became more well-known for her Party of Five and Scream roles. This show took place in Toronto, and followed the careers of a struggling 20-something band. It was aired on YTV and was surprisingly gritty for that network.


Live Through This (2000)

A little like Catwalk, Live Through This was a show about a rock band. The Jackson Decker band, big in the 80s, decide on a revival tour that’s run by their twenty-something kids.


Opposite Sex (2000)

You might recognize more than a few faces in this show: Milo Ventimiglia (Gilmore Girls and Heroes), Chris Evans (Captain America), Allison Mack (Smallville). Three boys wind up being a test group of males who are integrated into an all-girl school. Ridiculous premise, yet the actors made the show hilarious and watchable.

Raven (1992-1993)

Jonathan Raven, a former ninja in the Black Dragons, has killed his clan and is now living in Hawaii helping those in need. Also starred Lee Majors of Six Million Dollar Man and Fall Guy fame.


Werewolf (1987-1988)

Eric was bitten by a werewolf, and now must find the origin of the bloodline to kill him and end the curse. He’s being hunted by a werewolf hunter (of course) and in each episode (much like the Incredible Hulk) Eric finds himself in trouble where he conveniently turns and the werewolf saves the day.


The Crow: Stairway to Heaven  (1998-1999)

Based on the Comic book series by J. O’Barr (which I love) and on the original movie starring Brandon Lee (also love), this series followed Eric Draven who has risen from the dead when a Crow brings him back to right an incredible wrong.

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