Lee and I consider the events during the scavenger hunt yesterday. This is an 8-minute podcast.


It’s hard to believe that the camp is almost over. I’ve finally figured out 90% of the student’s names, and have come to know all of their personalities. I’ve had fun teaching them at the camp, and they all seem to be in very high spirits so I’d say that either they’re having fun or we’re feeding them the right amount of sugar.

The incredible thing is how much these young authors are writing. Right now as I type this, while Lee is the instructor on duty, there are students downstairs in the lab typing up their handwritten drafts. Some of the writings go to Lee for editing, and some come to me. So far this week I’ve edited about 30 short stories and have 8 waiting for me in my Inbox.

Today, we’re working on a Reader’s Theatre that we’ll be using for a performance piece. My hope is to make a recording, perhaps even a few of the podcasts, that we can save for them on a CD. That way they’ll have their books to remind them of this time they spent at camp, and a CD as well.

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