I live in  a little fishing village near Vancouver, and a couple times a week I take a walk past all the ports into the village. There are a couple places that I think would make great zombie apocalypse encampments, though I have had interesting conversations where friends disagree. However, this one by the water seems kind of ideally suited to the cause.

First of all, it’s gated within an open lot. There is nothing inside the lot that zombies could hide behind, and there is enough room that containers could be brought in for gardening. There is also a long parking lot leading to the compound, so zombies (or any other enemy) would have little place to hide. Plus, there’s the bonus of being on the water where a major river meets the ocean. Easy escape if needed, plus access to food/water source.

There is also this lookout on top of two stacked containers. This lookout is weather protected (for mild West Coast weather) and has an antennae for transmitting broadcasts.

What I think really makes this a sound design is that the top container could be transformed into living quarters with the bottom used as cold storage for food supplies. Access to both from inside (ladders that lead from top to bottom) so, if under attack by zombies, there would be no need to leave the shelter until the problem is taken care of.

I found this website for a few ideas of what the top container could be turned into, though one wouldn’t want to use too much glass in case it came under fire from rival colonists. The doors on either side could be made to swing open, so they could be shut quickly if necessary.

What’s your ideal zombie apocalypse shelter idea?

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