When I got back from Korea, as many of you know, I was horribly sick. Probably caused by a combination of travel-stress, change in diet, different air and jet-lag. Whatvever the cause, I got sick. Unfortunately for me, when I got home I had no groceries. Being that I was too sick to go and get some, I took to researching if there was some way of ordering them on-line. (Yes, a friend offered to do a run for me, but I felt too sheepish to take him up on it. In retrospect, I should have put pride aside.)

While I never wound up getting my groceries delivered, I did find a place on-line called “SPUD;” Small Potatoes Urban Grocery. Since then I’ve been toying with the idea of setting up a weekly delivery for fresh, organic produce.

I blame it on the fact that I’m single, but in order for food not to spoil in my fridge I have to buy in small quantities. This means many trips to the grocery store, and I’ll be first to admit that I have a hard time picking out veggies and fruits. It would be so much easier to just tell someone basically what I like, and get that delivered on an as-needed basis.

Last week I decided to give SPUD a try. I found their site easy to use, and their product was substantial. I made up an order for what I wanted, and then waited a couple days for my delivery. It came in two big plastic blue bins in the mid-afternoon. Their was a quick rap on my door, and when I opened it there it was: my grocery shopping for the week.

Inside there were sweet potatoes, strawberries, beans, peas, lettuce, tomatoes (more on them later), cereal, orange juice, banana muffins and much more. This has been a great week for all this produce, as the weather has been wonderful for BBQing.

Now my mornings are full of fresh fruit, OJ and organic cereal. My evenings are meat, potatoes and fresh veggies (yeah, I’m from the prairies). My only complaint with SPUD were the tomatoes, which were delivered to me in a container that was moldy. I’ve sent them a refund request, and I’ll be sure to blog their response. I have no doubt that they’ll stand by their product!

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