Yesterday I had the opportunity to chat with Susan Juby’s class on sci fi, fantasy and spec fic. I told them my very strange story on how I got published, and then shared with them some of my most influential novels. (I Am Legend, Druid’s Tune, Everworld and the Belgariad. What, you were expecting Moby Dick and Handmaid’s Tale? No thanks.)

Then today I got to see Bat Man. No spoilers here, except to say IT WAS AWESOME. Yep. Heath Ledger was to Bat Man what Brandon Lee was to the Crow. Absolutely incredible.

I also picked up my mom from the airport, and will have her stay with me for a couple of weeks. May not blog much in that time, but we’ll see. Big plans: go see Steveston Village, Whistler, water taxi to Granville Island, and other touristy stuff. Any ideas? Feel free to share them with me!

For now, I leave you with this link. I’ll file it under: “People With Too Much Time.”

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  1. Congrats on the Comic Life sponsorship and links from their download site!As for other tourist ideas, I like to take vistors up Burnaby Mountain (good for older people, as you can drive right up) to the rose garden area. Great views all around!

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