Geeking Out with Just One More Book

On the eve of 2007, I leave behind a wonderful interview that Mark Blevis of Just One More Book did with Lee Edward Fodi, Kirsti Wakelin, and myself.

This is a great way to end the blog for 2007, as this was one of my favourite memories from 2007. (I think my favourite memory is still holding Pyre in my hands, and realizing that (holy mackerel!) I really am an author.)


Just One More Book

Take two authors and an illustrator, a bibliophile with a very successful review site, and mix in dinner. What do you get? Some great conversation about writing children’s books.

Last night I was invited out to Steamworks to participate in a podcast interview that will appear on the website Just One More Book. Mark Blevis was in town, and had set up a meeting with Lee Edward Fodi. Lee, a friend of mine, invited Kirsti Wakelin and I to join in.

It’s interesting to hear what other writers, or illustrators, have to say about their work habits, draw to the craft, and love for the product. Mark is a very personable fellow who really knows what he’s doing in an interview – and can make you forget that you’re even being interviewed. It felt like a bunch of old friends getting together for a great meal and just chatting about the things we all love.

These pictures were taken by Kirsti Wakelin. As for the the conversation, I’ll let you listen for yourself when the podcast comes out!