Merry Christmas Everyone! Merry. Freakin’. Christmas.

One of the benefits of moving my office, was that I now have a big window to look out of. Normally, I get the view of mountains and the city-scape of North Vancouver.

Today I get snow.

And lots of it! While it’s isn’t cold, at least not by my Winnipeger standards, it certainly isn’t fun if you have to go somewhere. You see, the big difference between snow in Vancouver and that of my prairie friends, is that here everything is either up or down a steep hill. My car at the moment is parked at the bottom of a hill … please please please people, don’t lose control on your way down. I need my car for the weekend.

The good news about my new lifestyle is that I get to work at home most days. (The bad news is the same…) This means when I wake up to days like this, though few they are, I can ignore the outside world and stay cuddled up inside with my dog, Conan.

CBC News

This is probably the closest I’ll ever get to being on CBC news. As you may have guessed, it has to do with my apartment. Surprisingly, there’s nothing about the car bomb that went off on Friday night. Just the balcony falling apart.

Check this out.

Not surprisingly, the guy who’s renting the apartment is trying to say that he only “had 4 friends over,” rather than admitting that he’d been having a wild party with a ton of people on that balcony. I sent CBC a response letter letting them know the guy had *way* more than 4 friends over. It was a loud party, and I was ready to call the cops to put an end to it. (Now I know why it went silent so fast.) He had a ton of people on his deck, they were jumping, dancing and were very drunk.

Now maybe the building manager will take better care to end the parties before the building falls to pieces. (But I doubt it!)