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“Zombies? Check. Non-stop apocalyptic action? Check! This book will get your heart pumping. Read it with one hand on a machete (just in case).” –Arthur Slade, bestselling author of Dust


“Smart and crisply written.  If you’re a fan of The Walking Dead you’ve found your next read!” —Eric Walters, bestselling author of the Rule of Three series


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In a society that has fallen to a nightmarish disease that brings the dead back to life, Ethan finds himself at war with his vengeful stepfather who taught him all he knows to survive in an apocalyptic world. Ethan gathers a troupe of other survivors – including Thomas, the thuggish football captain; Kady, the flighty cheerleader; and Gerald, the meek tinkerer – and builds a home base fortress to fight back against the army he knows his stepfather is creating. Ethan’s clan of survivors relies on him to guide them, but personal conflicts make it seemingly impossible to work as a team. Ethan knows, if they don’t pull themselves together, his stepfather will make them wish the disease had taken them first.


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Love, immortality, or vengeance? Which would you choose?

Rancor, a werewolf, has spent the last several hundred years training to kill vampires. Shay, a vampyre, has spent his time mocking the werewolf just for fun. Now, a thousand years after they first met, both werewolf and vampire will clash over the ultimate prize: true love. Filled with fast-paced action and a conclusion you won’t expect, Rancor will both win and break your heart.


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Happy Halloween!

Halloween is perhaps my favourite time of year. Partly because it’s an excuse to eat as much candy as I want, but also because I love dressing up as a character. As a writer, I don’t often dress up a someone else’s character, so when I go to parties people have a hard time figuring out who I am supposed to be. “I’m not a character, I’m more of a genre,” I tell them.


I’m not sure who this character is yet, but this was my version of a steampunk-ish zombie hunter. The jacket (detail is completely lost) is Renaissance in style, the shirt pirate, the boots medieval. I found a very cool machete (plastic, but it looked metal) and a toy crossbow that, again, did not look like a toy. For future: black gloves, facial scars and a severed zombie head on my belt would have made this outfit complete.


Friend and cake-maker extraordinaire Carrie also arrived at the party as a zombie hunter (completely unplanned that our costumes would be the same genre). She also arrived with a severed zombie head, which turned out to be a cake.


Halloween Night is now just one more sleep away, so if you’re out and about tomorrow just remember to watch for those dark spaces and howls at the moon. Plus, if you are in the mood for a zombie tale don’t forget that Rise of the One-Eyed King is for sale over at Amazon!

Dystopia Workshops

Here we are, me once again attempting a blog. I have begun a fun tumblr on living the zombiepocalypse ( but this will be more about what’s happening with general reading, writing and research.

Such as…

Last month I spent a week at L’Ecole Bilingue discussing dystopia writing, such as the Hunger Games, and Heroes and Villains for creating fun superhero stories.The dystopia workshop, which I did with the grade 7s, entailed a role playing game where the class was divided into colonies and each student had to choose a special role. Some were doctors, handy men, hunters, gardeners, entertainers or leaders. Then, depending what card they drew, they had to choose how they would react to various dystopic situations. Sometimes a plague hit, or they were robbed, or there shelters fell apart. All fodder to begin writing a story!

The heroes and villain workshops divided the class into (you guessed it!) heroes and villains (and sometimes sidekicks). They were paired into groups, randomly, and wrote stories of how their characters met. Rather than tell you what those stories were about, a couple of the students sent them in. Enjoy!

By Kailey,


The sound of a gunshot woke both Jaylo and I from a fitful sleep. I scrambled out of my sleeping bag while my big brother leapt out of our tent with his dagger ready in his hand. A split second later, a ragged screamed cut through the air. I climbed after Jaylo, instinctively checking his mind. Immediately, he started hurling his thoughts at me.

     Let’s separate. You go towards where the scream sounded and I’ll go to where I think the person with the gun is, right over there. Be careful, Aria, I don’t want to lose you.

Being telepathic, I often checked Jaylo’s mind for instructions or things he didn’t want to say aloud.

I nodded and sprinted off into the woods. After a while, I slowed down to a jog, fighting off branches that scratched at my face. Finally, the thick throng of trees gave way to a small clearing of trampled grass. In the middle of the clearing lay a girl, about 12 years old, cradling her slightly bloody arm while groaning in pain.

I hurried over and knelt beside her.

“Are you okay?” The girl nodded, then stopped quickly, as if it hurt.

Suddenly, Jaylo burst through the trees at the edge of the clearing.