Rancor Chronicles

Book one: Rancor, a werewolf, has spent the last several hundred years training to kill vampires. Coming May 2018.

Book two: Pyre, a teenage boy with dreams of being a rock n’ roll star, is lured into the world of vampires to protect them. Coming May 2019.

Book three: Kane, an orphan raised by an accountant dad, finds himself at war with both vampires and the one who protects them. Coming May 2019.

Book four: Rancor now gone, Alix doesn’t know what to do. Her dad is in serious trouble, the wolf attacks are still occurring, and Pyre is out there somewhere. Plus, there’s a new kid in school again–and Kane seems far too similar to Rancor than Alix wants to admit is possible.  Coming May 2019.

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