This has been a good day for rewrites. Getting Dawn more polished after a set of comments from my publisher, so that I can send it on to my editor. To do so I’ve left the house, braved the awful weather, and holed myself up in my local coffee shop. Just now it has completely cleared out and I’m thinking they may be getting ready to close – I haven’t yet received the “is he still here” glare. (Okay, just asked, and they close at six p.m.. No worries.)

So, I’m procrastinating after working for an hour straight. Why not? Last night while I couldn’t sleep I started looking into the possibility of going to Comic-Con next year. I’ve never gone, and it’s something I’ve always wanted to experience. The question to ask myself is, what would I expect to get from it?

This year I’ve done more travelling than I have in the last five years combined. Korea, Williams Lake, and my summer C&C tour. All of them were writing-related, and not exactly vacations by any sense of the word. (Although, I must point out, that as far as “jobs” go mine is the BEST.) My point is, that I really haven’t taken a vacation just for the sake of vacation in five years.

Of course, one could argue that Comic-Con is really writing-related and industry-related and so cannot constitute a “vacation.” Yeesh. The woes of making your hobby your career is that it leaves you very little wriggle room to do things that cannot be defined as work-related.

Yeah, I know, my life is rough. (You know, side-tangent here, but this place has lemon meringue tarts…)

Rather than over-think it, I am just going to make plans to go. Why not? I can geek it out like no one’s business, and, if at the end of the day I wind up with career advice or inspiration, then that’s really not my fault. Comic Con 2009 … under consideration …

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