This is an update to the lumps that have appeared in Conan. Thanks to everyone who emailed to their good thoughts to my little pal. He and I both appreciate it!

I phoned another vet to make an appointment to get a second opinion. To be honest, I’m treating this the same way I would if it were me diagnosed with possible cancer – and that’s actual experience, not just imaginary. The vet asked me one question: Did they take any tests? Nope. They did not.

This is what was bugging me. No doctor would open me up in an operation without taking some sort of noninvasive test first. Blood, X-ray, something … the operation would be a last resort. My dog is at an age where fat deposits will be common, a neighbour informed me that his dog now has sixteen. Do I stay with a vet that will want to open up my dog every time he gets a fat deposit? Can Conan survive such a vet?

The problem with vets is the same problem that one has with mechanics. While there are a few honest ones, many are out for the biggest buck at any cost to the consumer. I’m not saying it’s that way with my current vet – but it wasn’t my current vet that Conan saw last week. It was a temporary vet who could have come from anywhere – maybe even one of the many clinics that I’ve personally banned from touching my dog. (I’ve walked out of vet clinics for their “upsale.”)

There were many questions I should have asked, had I not been stunned with worry for my buddy. Now, after a few days, I’m a little more clear-headed and ready for a second opinion. Once again, I’ll keep you informed.

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