Anytime I see the supernatural in the news I get a little spark of hope in my heart. Having grown up on TV shows such as I Dream of Jeannie, Twilight Zone, Tales from the Darkside, and the short-lived Werewolf, I’ve always been a fan of things that are impossible to explain. Probably because they are the perfect escape from the real horrors of the world – those that we can explain.

This year there are a plethora of show to watch with awesome supernatural storylines. My favourite would have to be Heroes (a terrible first episode for Season 2, but then so was the first episode for Season 1!). Once again the best characters on the show are still Peter and Silar – the weakest being Hiro and now his trip back in time. I’m still waiting for them to explain how Nathan survived Peter’s nuclear explosion as they both flew high into the sky at the end of last season!

This would be closely followed by Supernatural. This is the tale of two brothers out to avenge the death of their mother who was killed by a demon. Their demon hunting father is currently in hell, having traded his soul for his son Dean. I must confess to having not wanted to get interested in this show, and turning off the TV each and every time it came on. But then over the summer I caught a few repeat episodes and realized that this was exactly the type of show I enjoy – dark, creepy, and filled with ambiguous ideas of right and wrong. What amuses me is how quick the brothers are to turn to the devil, and how it never occurs to them that perhaps an angel might also be listening?

Moonlight is a vampire-detective that reminds me of the TV series Forever Knight, a very low-budget yet well-acted show that I don’t think got it’s day in the sun – pun intended. I caught Moonlight for the first time this past Friday, and thought it was a great show. Again, it’s dark and creepy with that right amount of evil turning towards the light. How deep do you have to go before there is no turning back?

If you’re into the paranormal and are looking for a good show, take a look at any of these three. Pop some popcorn, pour yourself a rootbeer, and spend an hour forgetting what’s going on in the world. And when you’re done, grab a good book!

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