Some of you who frequent my blog may recall back in April when I was treated rather poorly by an upscale clothier simply because I had chosen to shop while looking rather shabby. My choice not to shave that morning prompted some overzealous employee to suggest I shop somewhere else. I sent them an email yesterday, and, should they choose to respond, I will let you know how they reacted to my complaint.

As well, as of late, I’ve started having my produce delivered. This is courtesy of SPUD, a local Vancouver company. Today I got my bin, everything intact and in order. Now my fridge is filled with fresh carrots, green onions, fruits, and milk. My cupboards are brimming with oatmeal cookies, bran muffins, waffle mix (can’t wait for breakfast!) and breakfast oatmeal. The only thing I forgot was potatoes, as I polished off the last of the sweet potatoes yesterday at lunch.

I should also mention that I’ve just arrived home from a midnight screening of the new Indiana Jones movie. (No worries – I’m not about to give anything away!)

There were people dressed up in fedoras, and, sadly, I hadn’t brought mine. Regretted not doing so immediately. As well, when Indiana stepped out on the screen there were many cheers. The movie while fun and worth seeing, did disappoint me in the end. That’s all I’ll say.

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