It wasn’t really the kind of pre-Christmas phone call I was hoping for. This morning when the phone rang, I was thinking it was probably my Mom calling to see how I’ve been doing. She does that when I disappear for awhile – a habit I’m having a hard time breaking.

It was my bank. “Is this Mr. McCann?” they asked. No good conversation has ever come from someone calling me,”Mr. McCann.” I told them it was, and they informed me that they were calling from the security division of my bank. “Your debit card has been compromised. So far no fraud has taken place, but we need you to come down right away and get a replacement card.”

“That can’t be good,” was my response. (Actually, my initial response can’t be posted here if I want to keep my PG-13 rating.)

“Bring a piece of ID, Mr. McCann. In fact, bring two pieces of ID.”

After a quick trip to the bank and a few papers to fill out I had my brand new debit card and all my finances back in order. Thankfully, there wasn’t any activity on my account that wasn’t done by me.

I have to admit that I’m not the most careful person with my card. I’ve always lived under the umbrella of, “It won’t happen to me,” but you can bet that won’t be my attitude from now on.

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