Two years ago, my best bud Sarah and I wandered around my then new neighbourhood and caught an amazing sunset. 2013 was the end of a ridiculously tough year, and a kick in my pants to change things if I wanted to be happy again. I’d ended a significant relationship and by doing so I had shattered my five-year plan. I was left with no plan.

2014 was all about setting things in motion, and I worked hard to build a foundation for better days. I quit a job that I’d been at for twelve years, I applied for and got into school, plus I severed my business ties to the publisher of my vampire novels. It was also the year I stopped teaching for CWC and for Place des Arts. By the end of 2014, I had a whole new set of goals – and at least a three-year plan.

2015 I reaped a lot of rewards and I cannot believe what an amazing year it was. I don’t think I saw that anything could turn out this well when 2013 was kicking me around, but isn’t that the way when change is in the works?

In starting to blog again, I spent a little time importing my old blog from Blogger that ranged from 2007 until 2009. It’s interesting to see what a different person I was then, and how much my goals have changed. Will I publish again? Will I keep writing? Or am I destined to become a storytime powerhouse and produce my own CD of ukulele songs for other librarians?

And this is where I have changed the most. The answer to all of those questions is both yes and no. And maybe. And perhaps. And definitely. And never. The point is, it’s all open. 2016 is me firmly planted at the start line, and while everyone races when they hear the start gun I’m going to walk at my own pace. There’s a lot to see along the way, and I want to enjoy it all. And anyone who is sitting on the sideline thinking they can’t join the race because it looks too hard can join me at my pace. Because as I read on a meme today, “An 8 minute mile is just as long as a 16 minute mile.” Maybe it isn’t who gets to the end first that counts, but who we connect with along the way.

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