Yesterday I had a visit to Gladstone Secondary, where I met with two classes. One was a class of grade tens, and the other was a class of grade eights. I went through the usual – how to tell stories from maps. This time around, I added a bit on how else I find inspiration.

I have props – though some are not appropriate to bring into a classroom, such as my Spartan’s short sword that I would wield as though I were Kane while writing Dawn. But I do have one very cool prop that I brought with me, one that I am going to keep secret for now. Want to know what it is? You’ll have to come to its unveiling at CWILL’s Spring Book Hatching!

For now, I am going to leave you with these photos taken of some of the maps made at Gladstone Secondary, and one very creative story written by Manvir. (Sorry Manvir, but privacy laws forbid me from using your last name.)

The Amazing Penguin Journey.
Created by Manvir

Hi my name is Pengy, I am a Penguin from Musowalo. I have been captured by enemy hostiles, and got dumped into this forbidden continent with no civilizations. Well, that’s what I thought; this Forbidden land had mountains, desserts, cities, villages, and an igloo with an evil Eskimo. My goal was to live the rest of my life at ease, so I wanted to take over the Eskimo’s Igloo.

First thing I saw when I awoke from my unconsciousness was a lion that wanted to be my friend. But since he’s a lion and cannot be trusted I ran away. I soon encountered a desert, and personally I couldn’t handle the heat, because I am a penguin. But on the corner of my eye, I could see a “No Trespassing” sign. I immediately thought, I need to tear it down, and use it as a boat to get down the river. So I grabbed a rock, and broke the sign, I busted out laughing, because it was easier than I thought.

As I was flowing down the River, smoothly and swiftly, I see cats that want to eat me, so I pretend nothing is wrong, and I keep floating down the river, and nothing is wrong, but fortunately, cats are afraid of water.

I’m getting closer to my destination, and as I get off the sign, and land ashore, the sign keeps going down the river, as there is no stopping for it. I look up; I am in the Village of Onslaught, the home of the famous Polar bear. I could see the Polar bear in pain, people, looking at it, while it’s in a cage, and Polar bears and Penguins have connections, with Animal speak. He is saying. “rooor rooor roooooor rooor” Which in English means, “I want to be free, please help me.”

I am thinking of a plan, and it hit me, literally, a stick hit me, I used it to open the polar bear cage, and he is free, and the people ran away, Horrified. He thanks me, and I say, do you know how to get to the Eskimos, house from here? He says, follow the trail, and when in doubt always take right turns. I thanked him, and hurried along.

I was almost there, I could smell, the rotten tar, and fish the Eskimo was eating, and I was outside his igloo, thinking of diversions to use to get him out, and as I am talking to myself he screams, “GET OUT OF HERE, OR ELSE I’LL KILL YOU MUHAHAHAH” I think to myself, what a loser.

I said, “LOOK, a tray of FREE FISH!!” He comes out with no breath, as I am hiding behind the door, “Where?!?!” I quickly sneak in and shut the door, and I sit down in his chair, and start watching Happy Feet on his 60 inch HD TV.

The end.

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