I wanted to wait until I had some time before writing my first post of 2008.

The year began with the CWC Winter Camp, where I taught 4 elementary level classes in maps & characters. We created heroes and villains, and then they battled over the light and dark side of their worlds. My favourite part, and still gives me a chuckle, is when a group of boys started humming the Darth Vader theme when I mentioned “The Dark Side.”

I’ve had my first field trip with my secondary students of CWC. On Saturday night we went to see the movie, “I Am Legend.” This was especially exciting for me, because I was ready to cancel due to what I thought was lack of interest. Originally, I was planning it for a Sunday afternoon, but my students wanted to go see it on Saturday evening. That meant cancelling on a friend’s birthday party, but I just couldn’t miss the chance to inspire these talented writers!

After the movie, we went for coffee and discussed the difference between the book and the film. Then we chatted a little about the writing life, my current projects, and their current projects.

This week I’ve pushed hard at finishing Dawn. I wrote the ending on Sunday night, and, yes, ______ and _______ both died. There was redemption for one, a broken heart for another, and the acceptance that even when you do the right thing in the end it does matter how you got there. It’s a departure from the usual – no flashbacks, Indigo returns, Bruce is a teen, and we learn a little more about the Wulfsign. I’ll let you know what my publisher thinks.

After spending nearly every day – afternoon, evening, and even late into the a.m. – at my local cafe Waves, it felt strange to stay home today. Truth is, I have a pile of about 9 chapters to another novel that I’m desperately wanting to jump into. This will be my first foray into historical fiction – but after researching it for 2 years I feel I’m finally ready to tell his story. To tell the tale of 400 warriors who stood against 6,000 – and won the day. But I can begin that task tomorrow – after I’ve had some rest. 

This year is promising. More classes with CWC, workshops in Korea, a new book coming, and all those little unexpected surprises along the way. Some will be good – some will be freaking awesome – no doubt that a few will suck. But everyday that I wake to another sunrise, everyday that I get to write one more word, is a gift that I cherish above anything else in this world.

Who knew life could be so awesome.

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