Breakfast today was egg-coated fish + kimchi + Imodium.

During the afternoon, Lee, Bo and I took our students on a campus treasure hunt. This was a very interesting lesson for them on listening, as we seem to be having a problem with getting them to pay attention when we are speaking. These students like to assume they already know what to do, and then rush into the activity with assumptions and not instructions.

This time they paid for it. We had a treasure hunt with riddled clues that they had to solve. There were six teams, and each team had a different course to take. The only way to figure out where all their clues were, was to concentrate on their own course and find the clues sequentially.

Of course, even though Lee and I drilled that into them, there were some who thought they could jump ahead a clue grabbing a clue they happened upon by accident. There were others who thought they could win by following another team. There was, in fact, only one team who made it to the end with all the clues.

Lee and I had made a short (4 minute) podcast of our planning meeting on the first day. Because some of my students are following this blog, I haven’t been able to post it until now.

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