After a long, extensive discussion with another vet, I have decided not to go ahead with surgery on Conan.

This is a hard decision to make, as it puts faith into the diagnosis of the opinion that I would rather hear. My reasons were simple: this vet took the time to hear my concerns, and he explained them in a way that I could fully understand what is happening to my dog. Unfortunately, the reason for the lumps are from a cause that is incurable: old age.

My question to this vet was simple: “Do I get my dog surgery every time I feel a little lump? Is this something that my dog, as he gets even older, is going to survive?” He shook his head and said no. Putting a dog through surgery is a final resort, and these lumps are not in a position that should send off any alarm bells. While they have grown larger since the last vet visit, they have not done so in a way that is indicative of cancer. They have reacted as fat cells.

I considered getting him a needle biopsy, but this vet said the same as the last. That the needle biopsies are only 50% accurate, and a negative result doesn’t necessarily mean anything. It would just be a lot of discomfort for Conan, for something that can be diagnosed without it.

So, I have opted out of the surgery. Hopefully, I have made the right choice that is best for the boy.

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