Almost forgot about the Reaper news!

Rancour has once again been cast in a TV show. (Just as an extra, but it’s still a role!)

My book will be a prop in the TV series Reaper, shot here in Vancouver. I’ll let you all know what episode and when it airs!

(Unless his spot gets cut during editing …)

UPDATED: Rancour can be seen in¬†season one, episode twelve,¬†about 38 mins into the program.That’s Jessica Stroup “reading” Rancour!



Now THIS looks awesome!

Anyone remember the 80s version?

What I remember most about the transformers was sitting on my friend’s couch, waiting for him to get ready so we could leave for school, and watching it with my buddies. We all had our favourites, although I couldn’t tell you who mine was for the life of me. (Was there a ninja transformer, or was that GI Joe?)