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Road Trips

I’m certainly no stranger to the road trip. In 1997 (still can’t believe it was 11 years ago), I took a road trip in a ’68 Beetle from Vancouver to Kelowna, then over to Banff, up to Jasper, across to Edmonton, then down to Calgary through Drumheller, and over to Winnipeg.

The entire way I slept in a tent, and ate food that I cooked over an open fire. (I had a Coleman stove, but couldn’t ever get it to work.) It was the best time I ever had, and probably the most adventurous thing I’d ever done.

Back then, my goal was to inspire myself as a budding writer. I wanted to find my creative spark, and to get in touch with my creativity so that I could one day be an author. Though my friends and family thought that was a little far-fetched, I did it anyway.

Here I am, 11 years later, with three books published – one that’s going into reprint and a fourth due out this Christmas. Life is pretty awesome. The best part – I’m planning another road trip! Granted, there will be some changes this time around. First, I won’t be going on it alone. kc dyer, friend and fellow scribe, will be sharing the experience with me! Second, I won’t be sleeping on the hard ground in a tent. Comfort all the way!

The best part of this trip is that we have destinations planned. Stops in Kelowna, Salmon Arm, Banff, Cochrane, Calgary and Red Deer. We may even have one more to completely fill our itinerary.

Another difference from that first trip is that Comic Life will be along for the ride! kc dyer and I will be blogging our trip through comic, using this easy and fantastic program. (It’s what I used to create my book video, and many of my past posts.) Comic Life has agreed to let us give away a copy of its program to each of our stops – not a bad value for those who come out to our events! Hear two popular authors, eat some chocolate, and be in a draw to leave with a free copy of Comic Life! 

On Comics

Well, I said I would start writing my graphic novel in April and I have. Tonight I wrote the first chapter – and I’ll admit that it’s harder than one would think. I’m finding that I really have to imagine what the scene would look like – and ask myself if the story is being told in the action of the picture.

Yeah, there are thought bubbles guiding the reader along. But I’m a fan of comics, and I know how irritating those can be when they are overused. The story must be told in the pictures, the reader must be guided along by what is happening on the page, and most importantly the reader must connect with a character whose thoughts and emotions are unspoken.

So I have written the first chapter. Yet, I have not written the first chapter to the graphic novel of Rancour. There’s another story that’s been bubbling inside me for several years, and it’s demanding that it be told. What am I to do? I’m telling it. I’m getting it out there, discovering who these characters are, and finding out what it is that they wish to say.

So far, I think these are characters that I won’t mind getting to know better.

Batman vs. Spiderman

After reading my last post I have come to the conclusion that I am a very deep and introspective man. I was actually thinking about that earlier today as I was reading Spiderman Civil War.

Of all the superheroes, I have to admit there’s a tie between Spiderman and Batman for who is my favourite. Batman almost edges out Spidey for the simple fact that he’s a normal guy, and therefore (in some weird alternate universe that didn’t make me 5 foot 3) I could be just like him. Of course, Batman has that creepy obsession with teaming up with children and sending them into dangerous missions.

But then again Spidey now has that whiny voice thanks to Tobey MacGuire’s cardboard portrayal of him. I can’t read a Spiderman comic without hearing Luke Skywalker say (stomping his foot) “but I don’t want to fix the power converters!”

I think I like the solo Batman best, and perhaps the comic-not-turned-movie version of Spiderman just slightly second. But that’s just me.