I use a fancy program called “Stat Counter” to track how often my site is viewed. Now, while I cannot tell exactly who anyone is (nor, to be honest, do I want to), I can discover where people are from and also from which sites they have come.

Twice now I’ve had hits from a site called “Buffy Between the Lines.” Now, they don’t stay very long when they surf over, so I figured I’d write a little promo piece in hopes they stick around a bit.

If you follow my blog you probably know that I’m a bit of a Whedon nut. (If you don’t know what I mean by “Whedon,” you clearly need to go here.) It was on this site where I discovered “Buffy Between the Lines,” an independent podcast of Buffy fanfic. While it does take awhile to get used to the different voices, the stories are quite well done and they maintain very Whedon-esque-ish standards. I’ve become quite a fan, myself.

I will also admit that my secret dream is to audition for a role on Buffy Between the Lines, which would be as close to a Buffy career that I could now muster. (Partly because the show is over, partly because it was filmed in L.A.) So, I’m anxiously waiting for their next casting call – having made sure to purchase the required equipment to do so.

Now, who would I play, you might ask? While I see myself visually as an Angel or, perhaps, a Spike, I do realize that my body image, while healthy, is probably more fantasy than realistic. Now, Principal Snyder … there’s a voice I could do. And yes, every now and then, I even practice him on my own students…

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