Last night I went to the annual BC Book prize Soiree, which is a free gathering for the literary community to honor this year’s nominees. I’m very proud of two of my friends who have been nominated, Meg Tilly and Kari Winters. Both of these fine writers are getting a lot of attention with their new books, and this is attention that is well-deserved. They are talented, driven, and, best of all, two of the nicest people a person could hope to meet.

You can even follow them along on their BC Book Prize tour here.

Or, check out their books and treat yourself to a fantastic read! Meg Tilly is the author of Porcupine, and Kari Winters is the author of Jeffrey and Sloth.

I was also there with two up and coming graphic designers, Trisha and Andrea. (Andrea, on the right, designed my Pyre poster that can be seen here.)

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