After reading my last post I have come to the conclusion that I am a very deep and introspective man. I was actually thinking about that earlier today as I was reading Spiderman Civil War.

Of all the superheroes, I have to admit there’s a tie between Spiderman and Batman for who is my favourite. Batman almost edges out Spidey for the simple fact that he’s a normal guy, and therefore (in some weird alternate universe that didn’t make me 5 foot 3) I could be just like him. Of course, Batman has that creepy obsession with teaming up with children and sending them into dangerous missions.

But then again Spidey now has that whiny voice thanks to Tobey MacGuire’s cardboard portrayal of him. I can’t read a Spiderman comic without hearing Luke Skywalker say (stomping his foot) “but I don’t want to fix the power converters!”

I think I like the solo Batman best, and perhaps the comic-not-turned-movie version of Spiderman just slightly second. But that’s just me.

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