I decided to experiment and try one of the soft-drink cans that I didn’t recognize. Tastes somewhat similar to Cream Soda…

Breakfast this morning was a choice of rice, fish and Kimchi, or Cereal & toast. Guess what Lee and I chose?








I have this morning to myself, as I’m only teaching one class today from 2-5pm. (Thursday I teach two classes, and Lee teaches one.) So I decided to wander around the campus and take some pictures.





I’m  facing our dorms.








And this is the view from our room. (Although the picture was taken on the lawn outside. There was no way to open the window, and I’d already been yelled at in Korean for turning down the heater – and for another incident that they couldn’t communicate to me. Still not sure what it was that I did … or if I had actually done anything at all.)

There are some very cool rock formations outside. I could imagine that this would make a great location for a movie set, with all the different shaped trees and rocks.

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