The Scornful Swords

When the never-ending winter began, no one thought Aurel, the god responsible, was freezing the world to save it.

The Scornful Swords agreed to a simple quest to find a murderer and bring him to justice.
None expected to uncover a plot that would bring down gods.

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The Scornful Swords visit the Stones Tavern in Bremen, seeking out Hlin Trollbane the retired dwarven bounty hunter for a job. This begins the weekly quest of the Scornful Swords.

Season 1, Episode 1

The Game Begins

Seeking more information as to why the world is encased in ice, having discovered that Auril the Frostmaiden may not be the villain after all, the Scornful Swords find their way back to Bremen where they started. Here, outside the Berserker Caves, they find themselves on the precipice of a big discovery that will alter the course of the story completely.

Season 2, Episode 1

Icewind Dale Berserker Caves

After learning about the possibility of a powerful weapon aboard the Dark Duchess ship, the Scornful Swords make their way towards the Sea of Moving Ice. Along the way, they find a mysterious black cabin and a frozen dragon’s head encased in the ice. They now know that Auril has encased Ten Towns in perpetual winter to save them from an evil–possibly the coming of Asmodeus. What they don’t know is that an old enemy is about to find them…

Season 2, Episode 2

Icewind Dale The Black Cabin

Our Players

James McCann
Dungeon Master

Dungeon Master bio: James has been playing D&D since it first arrived in bookstores in that fancy red box. Though he skipped editions 3 and 4, he has found a love for the game in what 5e has to offer.

He now creates worlds or runs ready made campaigns (and changes them to make them more his own). This is his first foray into Twitch streaming D&D.

as Cassian

Player bio: Jesse has been TTRPG’ing since the late 80’s. His two favourite systems are D&D and L5R. He loves voice acting and immersion, and moonlights as a paid DM/GM.

Character bio: Cassian is a smart mouthed and snarky swordsman, who, under this carefree veneer, is a caring guy . . .  jaded by life. He would die for his friends as quickly as dance a jig in the local tavern.

as Silas

Player bio: Nothing beats eating food with chopsticks. I’m a daily work in progress. I’ve been redeemed.

Character bio: Unashamed of the gospel. Pursuer of justice and righteousness. Don’t be a heathen, you will get smote. 

as Vesovir

Player bio: Ever since Michael  picked up his first box with a couple of thin booklets by Gary Gygax (that would have been the “basic set”), he’s been hooked on playing DnD.

Character bio: Vesovir is the wrong sort of Drow, at least according to his neighbours and some of his family. Uncle Drizzt set a bad example for him, one he’s interested in following. And perhaps finding that allusive uncle of his one day.

as Brythe

Player bio: I’ve been a PC gamer since I was 3 years old, starting with Math Rabbit and Reader Rabbit on MS-DOS. I came to table top gaming as an adult and was hooked. Jumping from online RPGs to sitting around the table with friends old and new was an easy transition. I love the creativity and camaraderie I feel with my fellow players.

Character bio: Brythe is a halfling ghost-wise Druid of the Moon. She spend years afflicted with a terrible curse. Though cured, the memories of unforgivable deeds remain. While searching for a fabled item that would finally bring Brythe peace, her mentor and mother figure disappeared. While on her trail, Brythe was rescued by a group of adventurers, and took up their quest as her own.

as Twig

Bio Coming Soon

as Ravenfriend

Bio Coming Soon


as Forsale

Bio Coming Soon

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