James Mccann

About The Author

I’m the author of the Rancour Chronicles, Flying Feet, Children of Ruin, The Three Spartans and Spartan at Sea.

I grew up on the icy plains of Manitoba, where I spent most of my teenage years reading comics and playing Dungeons and Dragons.

Both of these hobbies taught me the storytelling tools that I now use as an author and creative writing instructor. When I’m not writing, I’m practicing karate, streaming on Twitch, or walking my two dogs.


James McCann

This was taken during the Kamloops online Young Writer’s Conference in 2020. I’m showing the students my 3D printed Dungeons and Dragons set (with medieval Boba Fett.)


workshops with a twist

Each workshop begins with a Power Point presentation of how I became an author. I show photos of myself with my creative writing students and of myself as a teen.

I talk about how my fear of muppets shaped my fascination with mythology, and also how Dungeons and Dragons shaped me as a storyteller.

scornful swords on twitch

The Scornful Swords play Dungeons and Dragons live every Thursday, from 7-9:30 pm PST. Join us on Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/james_mccann_books

The story so far:
In their quest to find Sephek the murderer and bring him to Hiln the retired bounty hunter, the Scornful Swords have found themselves embroiled in a plot to overthrow the god Aurel who may be responsible for the eternal winter plaguing the lands.


my novels

I’ve written novels for teens and tweens, ranging from vampires to zombies to mixed martial arts to historical parodies.



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