Spartan at Sea

Sequel to The Three Spartans

Art is all set to spend the last few weeks of summer in Birch Bay with his best friend Lea. But his plans change when he learns his nemesis Zeke is involved in a plot to tear down Finn Slough. Art’s aunt and her girlfriend Jordana live in Finn Slough, a unique community near Stevenston, B.C. made up of wood homes on stilts. Zeke’s scheme starts with a dragon boat race.

Art goes to Finn Slough to convince the local dragon boat hero to enter the race only to discover his mission is close to impossible. The dragon boat hero, Teejay, has no interest in competing.

Art considers giving up, but when he learns Jordana is dying, he has another reason to save the slough. Art has to draw on all his leadership skills—and gain some paddling skills—if he’s going to succeed. Much like the Spartans in the Battle of Salamis, Art and his new Finn Slough friends are at a disadvantage, but with some cunning they still may triumph.

A humorous retelling of the Greek battle of Salamis, A Spartan at Sea is a story of what it means  to stand up for what’s right — even when what’s right may cost you the best friendship of your life.


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