I arrived safe and sound in Korea last Thursday at approximately 12:30 a.m.. Well, Thursday morning according to what my body thought it was … because of the time change, it was actually Thursday at almost 6 p.m.!

You can listen to a 5 minute podcast of Lee Fodi and my preflight thoughts here.


I should point out that Google thinks I’m Korean, so my dashboard is in Korean letters. I’m muddling my way through this post by clicking in things that look familiar…

I stayed the first couple of days with a family called the Oh’s. Along the way, I’ve been making podcasts that I’ll upload over the next few days. Time is short here!

On Friday, my host, we’ll call him Brent (not his real name), 
took me on an excursion to see a traditional Korean village.
Then the two of us went to see the movie JUMPER – it was AWESOME!

You can listen to a 5 minute podcast of my thoughts at the Oh’s here:


And a 3 minute add-on here.


Saturday, work began! I’m here with Lee Edward Fodi and Joon Park, the director of CWC. (See past blogs for what CWC is.) Saturday morning we had an info session for parents who are interested in the online classes, as well as for those who can’t attend the camp that starts this week. We had a game of “Little Red Riding Hood,” and then a writing excersise.

You can listen to a 5 minute podcast of it here…


And one here…


And another here:


That Saturday afternoon we had a reading at a bookstore called Kids book. Doing bookstore events always gives me worry, because you never know if someone will show up or if the bookstore will even remember you’re coming. If you’ve ever seen the movie 1408, the scene where he does a reading is pretty much the true way those events happen.

Not yesterday! The bookstore had a special event room, and made sure to have a projector for our presentation. The room was packed! The audience was very glad to see us, and we had a blast! This was an event that authors dream of having when they get published. There will be a podcast, and more on this later when we get the pictures.

A funny note about the bookstore event. A woman came up to me with her daughter and asked if I ever worked at a bookstore in Kitsilano in Vancouver. I told her yes, and she said, “You helped me!” Small, small world.

This is me at the traditional village near my host family’s home. (I’ll find out the spelling of the city and post that here.)

This is a traditional village that was in Soeul.

This is me next to a guard at the palace in Soeul. (I’m not the one in red and blue.)

This is the palace in Soeul.

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