If you ever needed proof that the 80s really did have the best TV shows, you only need to take a look at all the remakes being done on both the small and big screen. 90210 (although I find myself screaming at Spelling – dude, Kelly is in her late 30s – not a big deal that she’s a single mom with past relationships!!!), Transformers (even if they didn’t use the Kick Axe songs from the original soundtrack), and Degrassi the Next Gen (had a crush on Caitlin as a teen, still do now).

The latest of these is Knight Rider, the series premiering next week. Tonight I watched the movie – expecting a cheesy, awful laughable show – and found myself completely mesmerized. Granted it did upset me that new KITT wasn’t a Trans Am (a Mustang? Really?), but I soon found myself completely engaged in the same way I was as a preteen/teen. (Do keep in mind that I’m very forgiving when a show involves fast cars and great chase scenes. I still stand by that the Fast and the Furious was awesome.)

As a writer, I find it interesting what choices the script writers make in keeping the new series connected to the successful predecessors. 90210 has Kelly and Nat, though they have been written into the plot in a sad, awful way. The Transformers used famous lines from the original – “There’s more to you than meets the eye” – and then mocks them – “What a stupid line!” Degrassi continued on with Spike’s daughter, with Snake as a teacher and Joey as a used car salesman. And now Knight Rider, sorry for the spoiler, continues with the original Michael Knight’s son – who was quite unaware of his dad’s extracurricular car-driving activities.

If this trend should continue, I hope they remake an old 80s TV show Werewolf. It only had a dozen or so episodes, but it was a great spooky show made well before its time.

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