Wrap Up

To say I’m high on sugar would be an understatement. In anticipation of hordes of costumed children threatening tricks if I didn’t treat, I purchased enough candy to warrant its own cupboard. What happened? Only two children, the very two who interrupted me at 4:30 in the afternoon as I wrote my previous post. The result? I have enough candy to last me until next Halloween (but I guarantee won’t make it to the end of the month).

Tomorrow, I have some special plans. The past few days I’ve been getting caught up with my student’s writings, and making sure that my classes are all on track. Also getting ready for a possible new course in comic book creation, using Comic Life as our tool. I’ll know by Wednesday if this course goes through…

So, tomorrow, I’m dedicating to myself. I plan to wake up, walk the dog, eat breakfast, and then lose myself in my writing. There will be no email, no Facebook, and no telephone (I never answer my telephone anyway – not sure why I even have one). My only responsibility will be putting words on a page in a way that tells a story. This is not a promise to work – don’t get me wrong. This is my promise to myself that I’m allowed to play. I’m allowed to have fun, and do something that requires solitude and the selfishness of tuning out the rest of the world.

This is a promise that I plan to make to myself more often than I have been lately – and not caring what the rest of the world thinks of me for doing so.

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