My Cheers

Sometimes I think I may be living the strangest life ever. At the moment I’m in a cafe, and I’ve been left alone to watch things while the staff hangs out outside. Yep. The staff is outside, chatting and laughing, while I’m alone inside.

It reminds me of the Cheers episode where Norm is in the back just as Sam is locking up. When Norm realizes that he’s about to be locked in, he dashes for the door. But when he realizes that he’ll be stuck inside, all night, with the beer, he stops and allows it to happen.

This is me, but with my beverage of choice: coffee. All alone, in a cafe, with no one to watch me. Everyone unconcerned with the strange guy (I am a regular) who often sits in the corner, once in awhile makes a sarcastic comment, and sips his coffee while typing away on his computer.

The funny thing is, I do want a refill. My current cup has gone cold, and now … hold on, someone just returned … okay, I’m getting a mocha.

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