A Great Place to Eat in Vancouver

Sometimes you get sick of pizza … and, yeah, maybe cooking for myself would be an option too, but there are those days when you just feel like eating out.

Or, in my case, eating in.

I received a menu in my mailbox for a restaurant in Vancouver called Wing Nuts. I’ll admit that I love wings, and when I read that they cook fresh in trans fat free 100% pure, non-hydrogenated canola oil, I figured I had to give them a try. What really sold me (I’ll admit) was that they have deep fried Mars and Snickers bars.

Yup. That’s right. DEEP FRIED Mars and Snickers bars. Think of a melted chocolate bar wrapped in donut goodness.

So far I’ve ordered from them three times. The people who answer the phone are courteous and fast, the delivery drivers are speedy and friendly, and the menu itself is completely different than most places that deliver. You can get wings, steak sandwiches, fish, poutine, and much more. Oh yeah, they even have monster portioned salads that taste as though they were picked this morning.

So if you’re looking for something a little different, give them a try. Just click here.

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