Me and My Writing


Adventurer. Explorer.
Dungeons and Dragons Nerd.

I published my first novel, Rancor, with Simply Read Books in 2005 with the follow-up prequel, Pyre, in 2007. Orca Book Publishers published Flying Feet in 2010, and my latest novel, Rise of the One-Eyed King, my first independently published novel, was released in 2016.

Most of my time is spent writing, exploring the open road in my Jeep, and playing an 11th level monk in Dungeons and Dragons. My Jeep travels I blog under the category “James in his Jeep Getting Java,” but my monk doesn’t blog (that often).

Currently, I am enjoying working with the Richmond Public Library as a digital services technician. My hobbies include the ukulele, road trips, and blogging.

I will still be writing the occasional novel, but most of my current writing is done through my blog.

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Road trips, Jeeps, Libraries, and the Occasional Novel